The “ESCUELA ARGENTINA MIA” arises from the need of the Argentine community in Miami to have a school that is an extension of our country, where children are introduced to their roots, sharing our language, our rich culture and other aspects of our national experience.

The School is a bridge for Argentinian children, Argentinian Americans, Latin Americans and Hispanics, as well as for anyone who wants to be bilingual, train and obtain their degree through the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic and also be recognized by countries that have programs of cultural exchange with the Argentine Republic.

We are a Non Profit Organization. We are endorsed by the Argentine Consulate in Miami, Chancellery and Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic. 
By Ministerial Resolution dated December 9, 2019, CUE#9800007-00 we have been recognized as an Argentine School in Miami. Therefore we can issue certificates and degrees to children studying at our School with national validity in Argentina, and also in Latin America and in Spain (countries with which there are agreements). 


There are only six Argentinian Schools in the world: Miami, Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Greenwich and Paris. 

The School is a supplement to the USA education. Classes are on Saturdays, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm at Miami Dade College North Campus.

We provide classes in Art, Language and Literature, History, Geography and Citizen Training.


“Escuela Argentina Mia“ helps to discover and open doors of perception, emotions, communication and artistic expression through creative activity. For this reason it seeks to achieve expression and not the development of special techniques and skills. We emphasize the means and the ways, because we believe that this will achieve total respect for each child as an individual. This will serve for other life situations and will allow them to train their endurance from a young age.

Classes will inspire and trigger various artistic expressions. They vary class by class. For example: drawing, painting, dramatization, theater, puppet theatre, image theatre, cinema, photography, folk music, traditional dances, in addition to all the rich Argentine literature, which assists us through narratives, poetry, rhymes, riddles, sayings, myths, legends and many more which also allows us to keep alive the oral tradition. Neuroscience is included in the Pedagogical Proposal.

We also seek to create a space for families to get to know each other and relate to each other. A place of union and encounter with various activities: recreational, training and therapeutic.

We believe the School is a collaboration amongst all of us. Our dream is to create a diverse and inclusive school for our students and their families.



A school where children become acquainted with their roots and families merge into Argentinean culture through an active participation of the entire educational community



LEADING a transformative educational method being competent and committed to the social context, the times and the family.

ENCOURAGE the ability to think and work actively through an educational model that helps them to be critical, creative and entrepreneurial. Where Art is behind all teaching, giving it a participatory and living character.

ENGAGE with Argentine culture through language and literature, knowing the history, geography and structure of citizenship.


Integrity: We will seek to be competent, this implies having openness, being willing to give and receive knowledge from a commitment to the social context, the times and the family.

Diversity and Inclusion: Nurture the inclusion of all members of the educational community through a policy of promoting cultural diversity.

Collaboration: To value achievements, respect individualities and increase the self-esteem of each student, collaborating so that they can acquire not only learning, but the values necessary to integrate into society.

Respect: For every student, their families, the community and for all cultures. For the cultural heritage that our elders handed down to us. For the environment and ecology.

Academic Excellence: Build a high-quality school where students receive the teachings of our rich language, all the variants of our culture and all the historical facts that formed us as a Nation, offer opportunities for learning and achievement to all students who appreciate being bilingual and bicultural through an updated curriculum, an active learning method with sustainable changes over time.


Gratitude: To value and be thankful to all the people and institutions that are part of the community and the environment in which we live, placing ourselves as messengers of peace.


Motivation: Inspire each person to feel involved and responsible as a transformative agent of their environment and the people around them, acting with integrity and responsibility.


Commitment: To promote intrapersonal and interpersonal development to facilitate and act responsibly in the evolution of a free, fairer and more equitable society.